Friday, November 16, 2007

Snowy Days!

Well, the first snow for the winter 2007-08 has arrived :( We received well over a foot Monday night through Tuesday night. Alex has loved it, but it has been a struggle pushing the stroller through the snow to take him to dagis (daycare) and back. Yesterday I pushed Isabella in the single stroller and pulled Alex in the sled. Boy, have I been getting my workouts! It also takes A LOT LONGER getting everyone ready in the morning with all of the extra winter clothes! It is very pretty and storybook-looking, but after a couple of weeks I will have had enough. I am not sure if it will stay or go away and start again in Dec. Well, we'll see!

We are still practicing with Isabella and her walking. She still is a little scared to go very far distances without help, but it is coming. Everytime she falls she says, "Aww". It is so cute. She also says "Wow!" if she sees something that she likes. She is becoming more stubborn at mealtime. She wants to do everything herself. She wants the spoon, plate, cup, etc. and she will scream if she doesn't get her way. This is new for Erik and I, because we never had that problem with Alex. He wasn't much of a temper-screamer. She doesn't get mad and scream often, but when she does, she means business. She is also a telephone person. If she sees you on the phone she gets upset if she can't have it! And of course, she always wants everything that Alex has! But I must say that she may be moody, but I wake up every morning with her leaning over me (Yes, she is in the bed with us along with Alex!) and giving me a good morning kiss. That is the best way to start the day. There is nothing like the love between a parent and a child, and especially the love that I feel for my children. Moments like those make the tantrums, disagreements, stress, messiness, nerve-wearing episodes all worthwhile!

Now, a little update on Alex. He does well with Isabella. He has to be the best big brother. He is very patient with her (Although at times he just can't take her anymore when she is constantly tearing apart his train tracks and getting in the middle everytime that he is playing with something.) and they play very well together. I love hearing him talking to her and to secretly watch as he may give her a piece of his cracker, cookie, etc. He loves her so much and he will definitely tell you! It is so funny to hear Alex talk because his vocabulary and phrases increase everyday. Just today while we were eating lunch he had falukorv (similar to bologna) on his plate and he said, "I don't like that. It makes me sick!" Also, we have been trying to get him to say, "No, thank you" instead of "No" or "Nope". Well, today I said, "Nope" and he corrected me immediately! "Mommy, we don't say 'Nope'. We say, 'No, thank you." I felt like a little child again getting in trouble! They grow up so quickly!

Well, we are looking forward to seeing our U.S. family and friends in December during our trip to the U.S. For those of you that don't know already or have forgotten, we will be in the U.S. from Dec. 13-Jan.2. See you soon! and Happy Thanksgiving!

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