Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Farmor's Clothes

Isabella wearing Farmor's hat and scarf!
She loves dressing up (clothes, shoes, jewelry, purses, hairbows, EVERYTHING!)

Easter weekend

Coloring Easter eggs!

Easter gifts from the Easter Bunny:

Hop pony and a castle tent

Alex eating his chocolate bunny in his tent!

Alex with all of the Easter candy!

Wow! Sorry for the long delay. I get so caught up in our daily lives that I forget that we actually have a blog! Well, things are pretty much in full swing now. Alex is going full throttle and Isabella finished her schooling-in. If she wasn't at home with an ear infection now she could go full time! We hope that she will be ready by Friday. She has also started using her little potty some. She definitely isn't in a routine with it, but she always wants to try. I think watching Alex go to the potty persuades her to want to do the same. She babbles all of the time. I asked her the other day how it was at dagis (daycare) and she just started babbling! Thankfully she really likes it there. When I left her the other day she gave me a hug and a kiss bye and waved with a big smile on her face. She wasn't sad at all about me leaving her there. She can say "Mamma", "Pappa", "bye bye", "thank you" (sounds more like "kak-u") and the other night she said "pizza!" She has also become obsessed with wanting to ride the bicycle.

Alex has been working in his preschool workbooks and is doing well in those. (I really have to get better about working with him and his alphabet and writing and spelling his name.) He also got a rubber ball and bat for Christmas and he and Erik have started playing with it a lot lately. We had beautiful weather yesterday, so when Erik came home for lunch we had a picnic outside and they played a little ball. Right now as I am typing he and Isabella are still in their pajamas and lying on the floor looking at a disney magazine.

We had a nice, calm Easter weekend. Erik's parents were in Spain so it was just our family and we invited a couple over (Pedro and Anna: their families were also out of town) for dinner. Saturday morning we ate breakfast and then had an Easter egg hunt. Alex and I competed to see who could find the most eggs (Isabella was more interested in other things.) The winner (Alex, of course) won a chocolate Easter bunny! On Sunday we went to Stefan's brother's house for hamburgers and hot dogs and to do a little sledding. Alex and Isabella loved it!

In May Alex will go with Farmor and Farfar, Ulrika and Jakob to Spain. They booked the trip for nine days (which Erik and I thought was a little long for Alex) so Isabella and I will come down after four days and complete the trip. So I will get a little vacation in. Can't wait!
We are still hoping that airline prices are going to go down a little after the "open skies" agreement so that we can book our tickets to the U.S., but that doesn't look as if it's going to happen anytime soon.