Thursday, August 2, 2007

Isabella finally gave up waiting for her bottle of välling!

Pappa's Shirt

This is Alex in his Pappa's shirt. Erik had it when he was a child. I think that it is a little small for Alex though!

We have had a good last week. The weather has been nice for the most part. Ulrika has been in Trosa for the past week and it has been wonderful visiting with her and Jakob. Erik has made A LOT of progress on the yard, and we have planted our first tree. It is a cherry tree! My favorite! It was a gift from his parents for his "name day". In Sweden each day is designated to 1 or 2 names and it is considered your day of celebration. I, unfortunately, do not have any days.

We have taken several walks down to the harbor. One night we sat alongside the sea and listened while a man played his accordion. It was really nice. My favorite song that he played was "Somewhere" from the Wizard of Oz. (I think that is the name of the song?!) It is nice taking the children out for a walk at night because if we are lucky they usually fall asleep. Well, Isabella does anyway.

This weekend we are going to Göteborg to visit our friends, Helena, Jonas, Fabian and their new addition, Elias. We are all looking forward to the trip and meeting friends, especially Alex. He and Fabian have really missed each other! While they lived in Trosa we would meet up anywhere from 1-4 times a week! So they are really missed. Then next weekend the Beans come! We can't wait!! I keep ordering things and asking Missy to pick things up so that they can bring them when they come. I know she dreads everytime she receives an e-mail from me! As my Mom always said, "I can't bring America!" But I really appreciate it when she tries! So I send lots of Thanks! to Missy and Derrick.

We had a big event last week.....I had to go to the store so Erik was at home with Alex and Isabella. Isabella was outside on a blanket and Alex was running around playing. (He always finds snails behind our little storage house and brings them out to play with. He had found one, but it was only the snails house. The snail had moved out. And he had showed it to us.) Well, Erik was trying to get the grill started and Alex comes running over to Erik yelling, "Pappa, Pappa! Isabella is eating a snail!" (We believe Alex had given it to her to play with). At first, Erik thought Alex was just saying it without any meaning, then he realized that Alex did have snails out so he went over to Isabella. She looked up at Erik with this huge grin on her face and had snail-shell around her mouth!!! So, Erik panics and picks her up and tries to get the shell out of her mouth, while in the process Erik said she gets this strange look on her face. He flips her upside down and starts hitting her back (not too hard though) and squeezing her stomach and she throws up. By the time I got home I didn't notice anything. She was still playing on her blanket. I am sure if someone was watching they would have had a good laugh watching Erik in panic-mode! Needless to say, this story will go in her baby book as her first time to eat escargot!