Friday, October 12, 2007

Alex's REAL Birthday!

Alex's BIG party was on Sunday, 7th of October, but his REAL birthday was on Monday, 8th of October. So on his REAL birthday we had a small dinner with Mamma, Pappa, Isabell-i (that is what Alex calls her sometimes!), Farmor, and Farfar. Here are some pics from his smaller party.

Also, on another note that I forgot to mention, 1 day before Isabella turned one she took four steps. That is the exciting news. The not so exciting news: she hasn't taken anymore since! But I know that it will come. I remember when Alex just took off one day and after that he discovered a whole new world to explore and I discovered a whole new realm of safety hazards and CLEANING!

Alex's 3rd Birthday!

Alex had a big celebration for his third birthday party. He had 12 friends to come and help him celebrate. His theme was "Mickey Mouse and Friends". We had rented a bouncing castle and he and his friends had a blast!!! Instead of a cake he had cupcakes with Mickey Mouse and friends as toppers and of course, ice cream. One big gift that even Pappa was excited about was that he received a set of junior golf clubs from Ulrika, Stefan, and Jakob! After his party he wanted to go riding in Stefan's sports car (Porsche) so he, Stefan, and Pappa went for a cruise. Halfway through he was so exhausted that he fell fast asleep! He had a big day!

Isabella's First Birthday!

Isabella is already 1! I can't believe it. I think that her first year passed much faster than Alex's. Maybe I was always so anxious for Alex to reach his milestones that I didn't take the time and really relax and enjoy him just being a baby. I am not sure, but Erik felt that it took longer for Isabella to reach her first birthday. Anyway, she is now a year old! We started her day taking Alex to dagis (daycare) then Isabella and I went to Kyrkansbarntimmar (children's church hours). While there we sang songs, played, fika'd (took coffee and snacks), and she made a moose using her foot and hands on paper. She was really tired afterwards and fell asleep in the stroller while we were on our way to pick up Alex from dagis. After lunch she had her 1-year check up and received her vaccination. She is quite the drama queen. She would cry then she would laugh then she would cry, etc. After the drama of receiving a shot we prepared for her small party that night. Her guests were: Mommy, Pappa, Alex, Farmor, and Farfar. We ate lasagne (Bella's favorite after spaghetti). Afterwards we had apple cobbler (she can't have cake because she is allergic to eggs). I think she had a really fun day, but by the end she was exhausted!

Spain Trip

Sorry for all of the late postings! I guess we have just been so busy! The first of September we went to Spain for ten days with Erik's parents and we had sooo much fun! Alex loved playing in the pool and in the sand! Isabella really liked the sand!!! By the end of everyday she had sand from head to toe. We all had a lot of fun taking it easy and relaxing! Every night though, Alex wanted to go home to sleep. He wanted to go home and then come back to Spain the following day! That was a lot of fun trying to explain to him every night that it wasn't possible. He had trouble falling asleep, but eventually the tiredness would take over. Now we wish that we were back in Spain because of the cold weather that we have here in Sweden!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007