Sunday, March 29, 2009


Erik's Mom takes local art classes and we went to a recent showing of her's along with other classmates' art work. The work was really good and we thought that we would post a few of her masterpieces.

Erik with the kids beside his Mom's collage.

Her Nike shoe

The bottom is Birgitta's

Birgitta at work.


I was wondering when Isabella would finally take the plunge, and she finally mustered up the courage the other day. She always watches me put my make-up on and she wants to have some, too. So, I always pretend to put it on her because she thinks it makes her so pretty! Well, now she has started to want to do it by herself, and I have told her that she can't yet. Needless to say while I was ironing clothes the other day I realized it had become mighty quiet upstairs. I finished ironing the shirt and went upstairs, and well, the pictures clearly explain what I found. She even involved Alex in her devilish deeds. She is pretty good at talking Alex into doing whatever she wants! She has become quite manipulative at such a young age!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Easter Jewelry

The kids received a little Easter package from Grandmama and Pa and in it Isabella got some plastic jewelry with rabbits. It was a hair twisty, bracelet, necklace, ring, and earrings. She was so proud of them. Also, don't you love her matching outfit? :)

Father/Son Sunday Night Cooking

Last Sunday night Erik and Alex decided that they would treat Isabella and I to a relaxing, homemade dinner. They tied on their aprons, put on their baking hats and began the dough slinging! The outcome: homemade pizzas that were delicious! I took a couple of pictures of Alex. Be sure to notice his HOMEMADE baker's hat (a plastic bread bag!).

Monday, March 9, 2009

Finally after 4 1/2 years!!!!

Finally after 4 and a half years, between Alex and Isabella, I don't have to worry about buying, changing, remembering to take with me, and disposing of ..... DIAPERS!!! Isabella is now officially potty-trained. She wears panties in the daytime and at nighttime. Last week I didn't think that she was quite ready, but over the past few days she did a complete 180. Erik and I are very glad, but I must admit (and I know many will think that I am crazy) it feels a little bittersweet. That is just one more milestone that shows me she is growing further away from being my little baby. I was a little sad when we rearranged their room yesterday without a changing table. Sick, I know!!! I have to admit it is so VERY NICE not having to worry about diapers anymore, but I may not be so pushy with taking her "nap" (pacifier) away! :)


I am doing this short update just to ask those of you who read our blogspot to keep some very close family and friends in your prayers for me:

My grandfather: He is still fighting cancer and struggling with his treatments. He did just celebrate his 83rd birthday in February. So that is a blessing in itself. Hopefully with the coming of Spring his spirits will lift and he will be more lively.

My friend, Abby: She was just diagnosed with lupus and is struggling with this life changing illness.

Lastly, but definitely not the least, my Aunt Patty Lynn, my Mom's oldest sister, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer a few days ago. The doctors do not give a positive outlook, but she is willing to fight the cancer and has started her chemo. Please pray for her to have strength, positivity, and all of the support she needs. (I don't think the support should be a problem with the McIntyre clan, though! :))

So much has happened since my last visit home (well, technically, my home is in Sweden now, but you know what I mean!) and I feel so hopeless and unhelpful being so far away. The kids and I are going to the States in April after Easter for two weeks and it will definitely be a much needed visit for myself and family and friends there.

Oh, one other thing. Luke and Jennifer will be having their ultrasound on Wednesday so please pray that they receive good reports!