Monday, June 30, 2008

Trosa Stadsloppet

The Trosa Race was Friday night. Alex (along with Erik) ran in it. He ran the entire 700 meters (around 1/2 mile)! He really enjoyed it and said that he wanted to do it again next year. So maybe we have a runner in training ?! Afterwards we had guests over to grill out. He and Julia are in the picture showing off his medal.

Sunday, June 22, 2008


On Sunday Jonas had planned a "Race Day". Four couples got together and went to a go-cart track and had a small tournament. Erik and I had a lot of fun along with everyone else. Jonas, of course, was the winner, then Erik came in second, and I came in fourth. As a team, Erik and I won with the most total points :) We definitely hope to get together again in the near future for more Race Days. Thanks Jonas and Helena for planning such a fun outing!


We had a wonderful Midsummer. The Taubermans came and stayed for a few days and on Midsommar Day we did the traditional sill lunch (sill is marinated herring) with potatoes, caviar, etc. After the lunch we went to a Midsommar celebration and danced around the Midsommar stång (Maypole). Fabian loves pirates so he and Alex were dressed as pirates during their whole visit! He and Alex love each other and play so well together! It is so fun to watch them. Isabella was a little jealous and had her feelings hurt because they didn't want to play with her so much. But now she is happy again because she has her Alex back.

Alex and Fabian eating lunch.

Erik, Birgitta, Jonas, Helena, and Claes eating lunch.

Isabella with Farfar at the Midsommar activities.

Isabella with her Midsommar krans (wreath).

Alex in his pirate hat dancing with Farfar around the Midsommar stång.

Isabella and I dancing around the Maypole.

Isabella and Pappa

Farmor at the Midsommar festivities.


A small carnival always comes to Trosa the same weekend as the large Trosa Market takes place. Alex and Isabella loved riding the rides and they both played a game and won a small stuffed animal. (I had to ride with Isabella on the carousel and as it went round and round I thought that I would be sick!)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


This past Friday was the Swedish National Day (equivalent to the US 4th of July). We went and spent the day and night with Ulrika and Jakob (Erik's sister and her son). While visiting we went to a farm where you can see and pet animals. The picture is from there. The children's favorite was the rabbits. But Isabella also enjoyed watching the horses. Ulrika, Stefan, and Jakob also live on a golf course so Alex and Isabella really liked riding around on the golf cart!