Thursday, November 20, 2008

Trip to Spain

We returned from Spain this past Sunday. We met Erik's parents there and stayed in their house. They have been there since September. It was really nice to take a break from the autumn weather here in Sweden. It was in the 70's everyday and sunny. Isabella and I didn't start the vacation off very well, though. Saturday when we left for Spain Isabella came down with a stomach virus, and then I caught it early Sunday morning. So the first half of our trip wasn't so enjoyable. Alex and Isabella loved playing on the beach, as usual, and Alex enjoyed swimming in the heated pool. Erik enjoyed golfing and eating the mediterranean food, and I enjoyed shopping at the markets, of course! We always have a great time in Spain and are already searching our calendars to schedule our next trip. I will try and post some pictures in another update. My Mom is visiting so I am going to go and spend some precious time with her now.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Children's Trade Show

This was Alex's first time to try and ice skate and he kept insisting to do it by himself! He struggled, but would probably be okay after a little more practice.

We started the day with none other than McDONALD'S!

Saturday we went with some friends and their son, Filip, to a trade show for children and baby products. There were a lot of activities for the children to do and they had a blast!!!! (and YES! Isabella still had her ballerina skirt on from the Halloween party the night before!)

Halloween Party

Friday night we had a great time. Alex dressed up as a knight and Isabella was dressed as a ballerina. We attended a Halloween party at Faye's (my American friend here in Trosa) and Pär's (her husband). She had a lot of Halloween decorations from the States and it was decorated really cute. She had made pumpkin soup and a pumpkin cheesecake that was a Martha Stewart recipe. We always laugh because every time you try out an American recipe here it can be quite risky. First you may have to improvise with the ingredients and secondly, I am not sure if it is the way they process grains, dairy, etc., but the consistency and final product can turn out completely different than when you made it in the U.S. Faye's pumpkin cheesecake turned out very good, though! So, that will be a recipe to put in the books! Although Isabella was pretty frightened by Faye's green face when we first arrived, the kids had a wonderful time.