Sunday, July 8, 2007

This past week has given us pretty bad weather, but that is nothing new here lately. The past month has been dreary and rainy practically every day. I just hope that it starts to look up here soon. I am ready for some warmer and sunnier days!

I don't have much to report for this past week. On Tuesday we had Erik's grandmother's funeral in Stockholm. We are still trying to explain to Alex why he can not actually see her. He knows that she is in heaven living with God now and that is her new house, but he still thinks that we ought to just be able to go to her house and visit.

We continue to make progress on the yard, and we were able to take a nice, long walk down in the harbor and look at all of the nice boats on Friday. Alex rode his tricycle and had a great time!

Interesting info in the news: Crown prince Fredrik and crown princess Mary of Denmark christened their daughter this past week and announced her name as Isabella. The name Isabella isn't super common here, but now it will become a lot more common in Scandinavia. So, our little Isabella is at the top of a naming trend that is about to begin!

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