Monday, June 11, 2007

Nice, Hot Weekend

We had a wonderful weekend. It was sunny and in the 80s, which I am told isn't typical in Sweden this early in the summer. The water in the sea is even a lot warmer than usual. We finally found a life vest for Isabella (thanks to Richard's parents!). So hopefully we will be able to use it soon.
The Trosa Market was this past weekend. It had over 300 booths and way more people. There was also a carnival set up down in the harbor. Alex and Isabella loved looking at all of the lights and rides. So, on Friday and Saturday night the family treated ourselves to ice cream and the carnival.
On Sunday, we went to Signe's birthday party, and Alex and Bella had a blast! I had never seen Alex so dirty!!
Isabella now has 7 teeth! and I am sure more are on their way so therefore she has been a little cranky lately.
We have a big week ahead of us. Bella has a doctor's appointment tomorrow for the doctor to check her skin (she has really bad eczema) and to check a cough that she has had for almost 3 months now. We have a parent meeting with Alex's new dagis (daycare/school) that he will start in Aug. tomorrow night also. On Thursday we take Alex to Nyköping (a town about 30-40 mins. from Trosa) to see a pediatrician about his weight (he is pretty small for his age). On Friday we pick my parents, Luke, and Jen up for their 2 week stay. We are really looking forward to visiting with them, and I know that they are looking forward to the visit also (just not the plane ride!). Then on Saturday we have Isabella's christening. So, I will try to keep you posted on how everything goes. I hope that everyone has a great week!

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