Monday, June 18, 2007

Isabella's Christening

Things have been busy the past week. And by busy, I mean EXTREMELY busy! Tuesday Isabella went to the doctor and the doctor prescribed a cough medicine for her cough and a lotion and hydrocortisone for her eczema. He also set up a time to have an allergy test done when we take Alex to the doctor.

We took Alex to the doctor Thursday. The doctors felt that everything was fine with his size, he is just going to be small, but just to be safe and to rule EVERYTHING out he had to give blood. So they put a cream on both arms that had to set for an hour so that it would numb the area that they were going to take the blood from. (He still screamed when he saw the needle in his arm. But atleast we knew that it didn't hurt.) They then took five valves of blood. He will also have to go back to have his hand x-rayed to make sure that his skeleton is growing at the appropriate rate. But we aren't really worried about the tests. They are more precautionary. Isabella also gave blood from her finger for them to test her for allergies. We will meet back with the doctor in 2 weeks.

My parents, Luke, and Jennifer came in early Friday morning. I think that they are finally adjusting to the time. It was rainy yesterday so we spent the afternoon in Ikea. The men really enjoyed themselves! We hope that the weather gets better.

Isabella was christened on Saturday along with another baby. It was very nice and simple and it was a beautiful cool day. Isabella was a little fussy, but she enjoyed when the priest took her, sprinkled her head, and took her around for the guests to see her. I think she really wanted the priest to put her in the bowl of holy water so that she could splash around! Afterwards everyone came back to our house to visit and enjoy sandwich cakes (a Swedish food), fruit, and mini cheesecakes. It was a fun but exhausting day!


All Blog Spots said...
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JJones said...

You children are so cute!! I am glad to see that Isabella is keeping her weight up!! Just Joking!!! Miss and love you!!! Julie

Amanda said...

Hey, April and Family. Congrats on Isabella's christening. She looks beautiful in the picture. The rest of "ya'll" looked alright, too.HEHE! I love her dress. I hope you had a wonderful visit with your mom and evryone. Talk to you soon. Love You!!