Monday, March 9, 2009


I am doing this short update just to ask those of you who read our blogspot to keep some very close family and friends in your prayers for me:

My grandfather: He is still fighting cancer and struggling with his treatments. He did just celebrate his 83rd birthday in February. So that is a blessing in itself. Hopefully with the coming of Spring his spirits will lift and he will be more lively.

My friend, Abby: She was just diagnosed with lupus and is struggling with this life changing illness.

Lastly, but definitely not the least, my Aunt Patty Lynn, my Mom's oldest sister, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer a few days ago. The doctors do not give a positive outlook, but she is willing to fight the cancer and has started her chemo. Please pray for her to have strength, positivity, and all of the support she needs. (I don't think the support should be a problem with the McIntyre clan, though! :))

So much has happened since my last visit home (well, technically, my home is in Sweden now, but you know what I mean!) and I feel so hopeless and unhelpful being so far away. The kids and I are going to the States in April after Easter for two weeks and it will definitely be a much needed visit for myself and family and friends there.

Oh, one other thing. Luke and Jennifer will be having their ultrasound on Wednesday so please pray that they receive good reports!

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