Friday, January 23, 2009

Late Post

Sorry for slacking in my posting. I know some were a little concerned (Jessica?). The start to our new year began with 3 weeks of colds, fevers, coughs, etc. It started with Alex, then myself, and then Isabella. Erik was the lucky one. It missed him, thankfully, so he played nurse for awhile. Thanks for being our knight in shining armor, Pappa! We love you! Somewhere within those three weeks we were able to get out a little, though.

New Year's Eve we had planned to have two other families join us at our home, but unfortunately, members of both families were sick. So, we welcomed the New Year with Erik's parents. They fixed a wonderful dinner filled with crawfish, shrimp, steak, etc. Oh, and of course lots of champagne! We had a great time, and as always Alex welcomed in the New Year with us. Isabella fell asleep, but not Alex. I guess maybe he slept through his first New Year (he was only 3 months old), but every New Year afterwards he has welcomed with full force! I skipped making a New Year's Resolution this year since I never keep it, but I do want to think more about saving energy, staying more organized, and as always, making better food choices and involving exercise more in my daily routine.

Since the start of the New Year we also attended Disney on Ice: Princess Classics. Alex loved Disney on Ice so much last year that we couldn't dare let him miss it this year. Isabella also got to tag along. We met Richard (a childhood friend of Erik's who was also a part of our wedding) and his daughter, Signe. We all enjoyed the show, but I think Isabella enjoyed it more than Alex (he was still sick). We were a little disappointed though because we didn't see as much of Mickey and Minnie and other Disney characters. It focused mainly on the princesses and their stories. But overall it was good, and we look forward to it again next year.

Last weekend we went and stayed overnight with Erik's sister and her family. We had a taco night and had a great time. Jakob, Ulrika's son, received a battery-operated motorcycle for Christmas and it was the main attraction of the visit.

Oh, I must say that I stayed up the other night when the Titans were playing in the play-offs. It was showing live here and I ended up staying awake and watching the ENTIRE game only to see them lose at the end! The game was over at 2:00 a.m. Swedish time and I had to work the following day! But watching American football brought a little bit of home my way.

I also was able to catch Obama's inauguration and inaugurational (is that a word?) activities. I have instilled a lot of faith in him and his hopes and goals and I pray that God will guide him in his leadership. From conversations among the citizens here in Sweden, I gather they have a renewed respect for American citizens for voting him into office based on his dreams, ideals, and willingness to work with other world leaders to promote peace and respect among each other. He has instilled hope in other nations around the world, and I feel things are starting to look a little brighter :)

For those who haven't heard, the children and I have booked airline tickets to the U.S. in April. Unfortunately, Erik will not be traveling with us, because he has to work, but hopefully he can fly down to Spain and meet up with his parents for a few days to get away from the loneliness. We will be visiting for 2 weeks and Alex and Isabella are getting excited. I also know that their Grandmama and Pa are also excited (especially Pa, it will be 9 months since the last time he saw us!) Isabella is especially excited about seeing her Uncle Luke. That is who she talks about wanting to see. Also, we are all excited about seeing Aunt Jen's growing abdomen with Baby Mc. Alex is biting at the bits to see Grandmama's and Pa's beloved cats (well, loved by Alex) and ride his new Hot Wheel. I can't wait to see family, friends, grandparents, and visit WAL-MART. I know most people despise Wal-Mart, but I tend to have withdrawals after 9 months! Anyway, we look forward to seeing everyone, and I am finally going to bring this update to a close. Hope everyone keeps warm this winter. I hear it has been quite, unbelievably cold in Tennessee this year!


Megan said...

Great update - I enjoy hearing that you all are doing well. Glad everyone is healthy. Hope to see you in April when you are in the states.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update! I so enjoy keeping up with your family. Thanks to Mrs. Kathy for passing the word(he he). Can't wit to see yall. We will have to have another girls night! Love and miss you! Jessica

Anonymous said...

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