Friday, December 5, 2008

Past few weeks

We have been very busy these past few weeks. We returned from Spain on the 15th of November, then my Mom arrived on the 17th. It was such an enjoyable and pleasant 2 weeks. We went to the all famous IKEA one day while the weather was nasty and had a lot of fikas (that is coffee with a pastry). We celebrated Thanksgiving along with Faye (my American friend) and her family and Erik's family, and we also celebrated my 32nd birthday with a family trip to Stockholm the Saturday before and then Mom made one of my favorite meals for my birthday dinner, dried-beef chicken. Every night Mom would lie in the bed with Alex and Isabella, most of the time it was just Alex, shine a flashlight and tell stories. She brought Alex a Scooby Doo van with the people and he has played with it so much that the door has fallen off. She also brought Isabella a "princess" purse with lip gloss. She has used it so much that one tub of gloss is gone. She goes around and puts it on everyone, including herself. Mom helped me decorate for Christmas and we attended a traditional Christmas smorgasbord, and we also attended the Christmas market here in Trosa.
Alex talked with Santa and he asked for a racetrack. Yesterday he asked Erik why the stockings were hanging up and Erik said that they are there for Santa to leave a little gift. Alex responded by saying, "I think mine will not fit! It is too big."
Now I have been spending my days working and catching up from the time I was off in November, but going to Spain and visiting with Mom was definitely worth it!

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