Monday, January 21, 2008

Late Dec. Post

Sorry for the late post, for those of you who have been checking. I just haven't gotten around to updating. The first of December my Aunt Elaine came to visit for a week and then flew back to Memphis with myself and the children. While she was here we ate a julbord (Christmas smörgåsbord), went to the Christmas market in Gamla Stan (Old Town), Nyköping, and Tullgarn castle. It wasn't much time to do a lot, but I think that she enjoyed it (just not the cold weather!)
My aunt, the children, and myself headed to Tennessee on Dec. 13 to spend the Christmas holidays and New Year's with my family there. We went a week before Erik. (Somebody has to stay home and make the money!! :) ) That week before Erik arrived we visited Santa on the Square, Christmas city (a church camp full of lights), and the Enchanted Forest. I also had a couple of nights that I met up with friends. One night I met with Felecia, Jessica, and Danielle and another night I met with Abby, Julie, Christy, Jenni, and Carla. These two nights were a lot of fun. I was able to catch up, reminisce, and laugh with old friends and I had a little break from playing Mommy!
Christmas Eve we went to Granny's and Pappaw's (my mother's mom and dad) along with all of my Mom's sisters and brother, their children, and their children! It was quite a mad house but we survived! On Christmas Day we went to Buddie's (my dad's mom) and my Dad's sister and my two cousins were there with their families. It was a little calmer. Needless to say, we had a WONDERFUL Christmas!
After Christmas we went to Nashville for a night to visit with friends and their families. It is always great to meet up with all of them. It is always so easy to catch up right where we left off. Just like we only saw each other yesterday.
For New Year's Eve we went with my parents and Luke and Jennifer and of course the children went also to a restaurant in Covington for dinner and then my parents took the children home and Erik and I and Luke and Jennifer stayed to bring in the New Year. We had a lot of fun!
Our time in the U.S. passed quickly but it is always enjoyed so much. We look forward to seeing everyone again in July!! (I know Erik is very excited because this time he will get to play A LOT of golf!)
After we returned home our friends , Jonas, Helena, Fabian, and Elias, came by to have lunch and visit for a few hours. It was great to see them again and we hope to see them more real soon. They will be leaving (I think) next month to go to Thailand. Oh, I am so jealous. I would love to trade this weather in for some sun and fun on the beach!
Well, I am now officially a member of the Swedish work force! I have a teaching job every Friday at Järna Friskola teaching English to 7th, 8th, and 9th graders. I love it! and I also recently accepted a job at a small cafe here in Trosa. I serve up lattes, cappucinos, whatever you wish! I work Tues.-Fri. from 3-7 and some weekends. I really like the job and meeting new people that come in. I think that the children are adjusting pretty well although Isabella has become more "Mommy" than she already was. Right now she stays with Erik's parents while I work, but she will start Alex's dagis (daycare) April 1. That should be interesting!
After we returned from the States Alex became sick with an ear and eye infection that the doctor prescribed Penicillin for. Well, as it turns out, he is allergic to it. So that is a new finding. Isabella was sick also but it never advanced to an infection. Everyone is well and healthy now as far as I know. Thank goodness!
Well, I tried to squeeze everything that has happened over the past month and a half into this one blog so I know that I have forgotten things. So in future blogs I will probably refer back to this time. Well, I hope your New Year is off to a good start and I will try to do better with my blog updates!

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